Monday, July 9, 2012

Welcome to Kelowna!

We arrived in Kelowna last night, went shopping, made dinner and went to sleep.

This morning I was still pretty exhausted from a fun weekend we just had in Whistler, not to mention the long drive up to Kelowna. I slept in a bit then watched TV, ate breakfast and slowly unpacked.

Finally around 1pm I put on my shorts and went for a walk outside. We are located right near the cultural district of Kelowna so I decided to stroll around and check it out. My aim was to make it to the Bikram yoga studio to pick up a schedule and hopefully even meet the owner.

As soon as I walked out the door I was stunned at how warm it was! I passed a sign that said it's 32 degrees out. I don't think it will get that warm in Vancouver until mid-August... if at all this summer. As I crossed the street I was greeted with a gorgeous park and the beautiful waterfront, something similar to English Bay but with the warm Okanagan mountains in the background.

I was surprised at how close the yoga studio is to where we are staying, less than a fifteen minute walk. I grabbed a schedule and unfortunately the owner was not there but I talked to another teacher who I had met before.

I walked around the shops and restaurants and I kept thinking of the fun things I can do with friends who come visit. I saw there is a restaurant where you can get your tarot cards read. I also saw a place I will definitely visit called the Rotten Grape. From 5-7pm they serve Apertivo, just like in Italy! You get cheap wine and they specified complimentary snacks. I can't wait to have a glass on their patio.

I went to the grassy area near the beach and sat down under a tree, reading all about Kelowna and things to do. Here are my top things to do in Kelowna this summer:

- Kelowna Farmer's Market
- Cherry Festival
- Rent a boat
- Swimming every day
- Goat Cheese Farm
- Outdoor Movie Nights
- Play at the dinner theatre
- Cafes
- Used book store

I'm really looking forward to summer in this beautiful place where we can enjoy the hot weather, relax and live the Okanagan lifestyle.

As I was walking home I realized the clouds were slowly blowing in and collecting on the mountains. My husband told me there are supposed to be thunderstorms tonight and I can't wait to get all cozy and hear about his day!

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