Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lake Thai Restaurant, Kelowna BC

Last week we wanted to go out for dinner so I googled vegetarian restaurants in Kelowna, not expecting to find much. I was surprised to see a restaurant that was getting 90% positive reviews on Urbanspoon.com and decided we needed to check out Lake Thai.

Lake Thai is about a ten minute car ride from the Kelowna downtown waterfront. After turning onto Kirschner Road we drove down a few blocks wondering if we had the right place. The area was fairly industrial with restaurants scattered on each side of the street. Not exactly the best place to promote a busy establishment but sure enough, we saw a parking lot filled with Prii and knew this was the place.

We were cheerfully greeted as soon as we entered the white walled restaurant and offered our choice of two tables so we picked the one near the window. I noticed that it was very quiet and peaceful inside, even though the tables were relatively closely spaced. Most people were quite busy enjoying the food. It was about halfway through our meal when a loud table of six sat near us but soon enough the tranquility of the white walls and assorted plants also had their effect on the group and the calm atmosphere was reestablished.

We ordered...

- Boiled Dumplings: light and tasty pot stickers crammed with well seasoned ingredients.

- Spring Rolls: three medium sized spring rolls cut in half were tasty and under $3.00 for the plate.

- BBQ Eel: vegetarian of course! A light smoky flavor paired with stringy bean curd strips resembling eel.

- Won Ton Soup: large won tons with small packs of meat-like filling and long flowering noodle tails. Lots of fresh veggies and a broth with again a uniquely savoury seasoning. One of my favorite dishes.

- Lemon Chicken: another favorite, very acidic lemony sauce on crunchy breaded veggie chicken slices, a huge portion for around $12.

- Bean Curd with Broccoli: my favorite dish! The bean curd was a bit crispy on the outside and was served with lots of tender broccolini and a light black bean sauce.

- a Spicy Tofu Dish: Soft chunks of tofu and cooked veggies in a spiced brown curry. I wasn't the biggest fan but my husband loved it and I liked it better when I tried some the next day.

- Fried Rice: again a well seasoned dish, we thought it was brown rice because every kernel had been tossed in the soya sauce dressing, light and fluffy with vegetables and veggie meats.

Our server was prompt and friendly and after we had placed our order she brought us a complimentary pickled cabbage appetizer which was a refreshing way to start the meal.

She was really on top of refilling our lemon water which was nice, especially here in Kelowna where you feel as if you are always covered in a light 'glow' and are constantly thirsty.

Our appetizers came pretty quickly and when our main dishes started coming out we speculated whether the rice would arrive at the end of the meal. Many times we have eaten at Hon's in Vancouver and have had to enjoy our veggies and main dishes with no rice and then when we're all done... the rice arrives! But luckily and amazingly the rice arrived after the second main dish so we could eat everything together.

About halfway through the meal our waitress checked how the food was tasting and noted that she hadn't seen us before. Obviously they get a lot of regulars here. She asked us how long we were staying in Kelowna and whether we were vegetarian.  At the end of the meal she brought us a complimentary pineapple donut for dessert. The donut had just been baked, was crispy and sweet on the outside but sitting on top of a warm chewy pineapple, it was delicious!

Our bill, including tip, was roughly $80. Many of the dishes were around $10 and we ordered a lot more than we needed with the intention to have leftovers the next day. At one point our server asked us if we realized we had a lot for two people so we did kind of go a bit nuts. The embarrassing thing though is that we get asked that pretty regularly...

Overall Rating: 9/10 my husband already asked when we can go back!

Lake Tai Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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